All About Ear Cuffs! Non-pierced Ear Options

All About Ear Cuffs!  Non-pierced Ear Options

Many a times people tell me they want to purchase earrings from Austin James Smith but do not have their ears pierced!  While I do fully urge everyone to go pierce their ears immediately, I take pride in designing and offering many styles of ear cuffs that require no piercing on the ear.

Sterling silver punk ear cuff

Ear Cuffs are a great way to spice your ear up or add drama, without the pressure of needing an actual cartilage piercing.  They are great for those that may not even have ear piercings at all, because it allows still for a taste of accessory flare on the ear that is easily versatile for taking on and off.  many of the ear cuffs offered even resemble earrings, for example the 'Utopia Hoop Cuff' and they help give the illusion of a pierced ear.  Ear cuffs are designed to stay tight on the ear as well so they do not come loose or get lost.

Sterling silver punk futuristic ear cuff

For someone like myself, with 3 ear piercings on each ear, i love utilizing ear cuffs to glam up or add even more drama to my already over the top ear drip.  I love when someone looks at my ear with confusion, thinking i have 1000 piercings going up my ear!  For example, from the last PHASE 7: UTOPIA collection, i love to see all the pieces going up the ear for a futuristic simple metal ear look.  Ear cuffs really help elevate any fun ear situation you have going on, and are a great and versatile asset to have in your jewelry arsenal.

Sterling silver futuristic punk ear cuff


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