Austin James Smith in Rolling Stone, Glass Man, and V Magazine

Austin James Smith in Rolling Stone, Glass Man, and V Magazine


There has been a lot of media buzz lately around the brand and I wanted to touch base on a few recent highlights that have been very exciting.


As a brand but also designer, I love seeing my pieces utilized by stylists and other designers to fulfill their fashion vision for a shoot or publication.  Accessories always seem to be the cherry on top for whatever vibe is being created, and its amazing to have Austin James Smith pieces utilized for these projects as the finishing touch.


The most recent issue of Rolling Stone magazine featured Bad Bunny wearing an assortment of Austin James Smith pieces online and in print.  The pieces included the Halo Opal Hoops, Tendril Ring ( Unreleased ) and the Baby Claw Earring.  Seeing the Austin James Smith brand name in print was definitely a milestone!

Rolling stone magazine austin james smith jewelry


Austin James Smith was also recently featured in The Glass Magazine in print highlighting Jewelry with a 'Fluid Like' quality.  The necklace featured is my upcoming collections 'Eternal Link Chain' necklace.  I was very happy to have this necklace featured for this because it highlights the direction I am taking the design style of my brand for this new collection.  We are switching it up from the usual hard edge style and going for something more elegant and organic and flowing.

The glass man magazine austin james smith jewelry


And finally, we are really excited about this feature in V Magazine, highlighting a business punk story with the Halo Conch Ear Cuff used as a septum.  I really love this story because it shows that fashion and style have no boundaries, any style can be mixed with any other to create and interesting outcome.  It very much shows two thought to be separate worlds coming together and i love to see it!

V magazine punk austin james smith jewelry


a favorite aspect of creating wearable objects is the way that other people interpret and utilize them to build a look, story, or to express themselves.  I am always excited to see what comes next for my brand pieces.





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