Mixing Metals: Utilizing alternative Colors in Jewelry

Mixing Metals: Utilizing alternative Colors in Jewelry



As the summer approaches, I wanted to take a moment and chat about the utilization of alternative colors in Jewelry.  As we all know, Gold and Silver in jewelry reigns supreme, as they are obviously the easiest accessories to match with any outfit or vibe.  As a baby entering the jewelry world, i was adamantly against wearing any other color tone besides these two baseline metal colors, but my taste and expanse has grown as a designer.

Chimera Earrings gold silver

In my journey as a creative being and designer, I find the need to innovate and switch up my method of action to be vital to my lasting interest in my craft.  As much as I love Gold and Silver ( and never will not ) I felt the draw to experiment more with the designs I was creating, as well as experiment with my own fashion and style more.  Adding touches of color into jewelry became a fun way to add a new spin on similar styles I had been working with.  For example, my PHASE 6: LOST collection i utilized color enamel throughout the entire collection, utilizing similar design motifs from past collections with a new colorful twist.  For example, the SCIMITAR earring pulled design inspiration from the CHIMERA earring, with the added flair of enamel.

Scimitar earrings enamel jewelry gold silver

Ive also found adding pops of color or mixed plating to be a great way to highlight subtle sleek design elements and elevate them to the next level.  While jewelry design can get super intricate, I find I personally gravitate more towards pieces that are simple and elegant, that tell a story without too much visual noise.  For my PHASE 7: UTOPIA collection, I took it as a challenge to exhibit restraint in the design, and create pieces that had unique design elements without being too over the top.  I found utilizing mixed metal plating to really help highlight those subtle design elements and make them more impactful.

Utopia Hoop Earrings mixed plating gold black rhodium

As the summer approaches, i am thinking even more about ways to utilize color enamels and mixed plating in jewelry to create sculptural unique pieces, while still being palatable and cohesive to compliment an outfit

Mixed Metal enamel earrings summer jewelry


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