The great debate, Gold or Silver jewelry?

The great debate, Gold or Silver jewelry?

I wanted to take a moment to chat on the big decision we all face as jewelry lovers, the choice between gold and silver when styling an outfit.  Both have their own unique characteristics and appeal to different people for different reasons. Traditionally, silver jewelry has been associated with a more punk or edgy aesthetic, while gold jewelry is often seen as more luxurious and glamorous.

Silver has a distinct cool tone that complements many skin tones and pairs well with darker clothing. It's often used in more minimalist designs or in jewelry pieces that feature intricate, edgy details. Silver jewelry is also typically more affordable than gold, making it accessible to a wider range of people.  I personally gravitate toward silver more-so in the colder months, as the industrial vibe feels more aligned with colder dreary atmosphere outside.  The Phase 7: Utopia Silver pieces with black rhodium have been my go to for a sleek toned down winter accessories look.

Sterling silver genderless punk jewelry

Gold has a warm, rich tone that exudes elegance and sophistication. I find that its the perfect finishing touch to any bright summer look, when im going for a more fun less serious or menacing vibe with my outfit.  The playful nature of gold also lends to more experimental designs and enamels.  I especially love being decked out in bright enamel colors with gold jewelry on a beach day.  The Phase 6: Lost collection was specifically designed around the playful nature of colorful jewelry when we come out of our shell from the winter months.

Summer punk gold enamel jewelry

However, it's important to note that neither gold nor silver is objectively better than the other. Ultimately, the choice between gold and silver jewelry comes down to personal preference and what best suits your individual style and taste. Some people may prefer the punk edge of silver while others may opt for the playful elegance of gold.


Just because these baseline ideas of Gold and Silver exist too doesn't mean they cant be played with.  I love being silvery and punk at the beach as well as Gold and vibrant on a cold winter day!  At the end of the day there really is no rules and your instinct is the final deciding factor.



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