Nose Ring Debate ; Pierced or Non-Pierced?

Tusk Nose Ring

I wanted to touch base on this topic as I often get prompted about creating my nose rings as actual septum piercings.  Obviously I am partial to the non- pierced version, but I do feel fully respect those of you that have made the full commitment to the nose piercing!

Tusk Nose Ring

 the biggest advantages for me of non-pierced septum rings is that they allow for easy exchange and accessibility.  I love converting unsuspecting people who may just want to feel a certain fantasy for a specific moment, which is appealing to those who may not want to commit to a permanent piercing. They offer flexibility in terms of changing up the look and feel of the jewelry depending on personal style preferences or different occasions.  As someone who switches up their vibe all the time, i love the versatility of this!

On the other hand, real septum piercings speak more truthfully to the punk jewelry movement. Punk fashion and style often emphasize individualism, self-expression, and non-conformity. Having a real septum piercing is seen as a bold statement  of rebellion against traditional beauty standards, societal norms, and expectations.  As an obvious jewelry lover, i love the bold statement having a real septum makes as it really is at the forefront of your face.

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Moreover, real septum piercings require a certain level of commitment and responsibility in terms of aftercare and maintenance.  As someone who lives in a city that experiences every single climate, having something that blocks my nasal passageways constantly in the winter can be tough!

At the end of the day, both real septum piercings and non-pierced septum rings have their advantages. Non-pierced septum rings offer ease of exchange, versatility, and temporary options for those who may not want a permanent piercing. On the other hand, real septum piercings align more closely with the punk jewelry movement, promote self-expression and individualism.  While i personally gravitate toward the non-pierced option, I am looking in the future to include more options for those of you who have made the commitment to have the real deal!

Check out our selection of non pierced nose rings here - and hold tight if you're in the camp of real pierced septums, we see you!


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